Friday, January 24, 2014

Inspiration Friday- Fashion

     I thought it would be really fun if I started blogging on Fridays talking about the thing that inspired me during the week! This week I wanted to focus on what, or I should say who, inspired me in the fashion world. I will actually be talking about two people in particular: the Jenner sisters. They have been like the "it" girls for a long time and now with their line of clothes that you can find at Pacsun you can dress like them too! Every time I watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians I always love what Kendall and Kylie are wearing and I want it all! haha Anyways these are the outfits that I have chosen to talk about...

     First off I want to talk about Kendall,

Outfit #1

     I have noticed that a lot of the things she wears are pretty basic things: white muscle tee, black leggings and black high heels. I really like it (because let's be honest it makes shopping a lot easier) haha but other than that a lot of people can't exactly pull that look off in a way that I mean it doesn't look boring on her as it would on some people. With this outfit you could totally find or make it yourself using little to no money! My favorite thing about this outfit though is her pants. At the top it looks like comfortable leggings and the bottom half it looks like leather pants. I have always wanted to wear leather pants but I don't think I could pull them off to be honest. Anyway this is a great outfit that is very simple looking but also easy to throw on in the morning. I would give this outfit an 8/10!

Outfit #2

This picture was taken during Fashion week in New York. I always have loved these light blue jean jackets I think they are so fun and cute and go with a lot of different clothing pieces, except jeans obviously, or at least I hope that was obvious...Again this is a very simple outfit with a black shirt layered with a light blue jean jacket, high waisted black pants that look like they are made of velvet and black high heels with a rounded looking heel. Then she pulled her hair back into a simple high pony tail and topped it off with black rimmed glasses that are always fun to wear even if you don't wear glasses. Over all I give this outfit a 7.5/10

Now for Kylie...

Outfit #1

This outfit is definitely my favorite I absolutely love it. I feel like this is something I would wear a lot if I owned it. It is a simple black tee tucked into a leather black skater skirt. To me this outfit just looks really comfortable and if there is a chance to be comfortable and look cute, trust me, I am wearing it. The tee-shirt looks a bit over sized without making her look fat at all and skater skirts are always a cute option.  I would give this outfit a 9/10

Outfit #2

This one is a really casual but cute look. This outfit makes me really miss summer. She is wearing a muscle tank, distressed high waisted shorts and cute black boots. I love this look because it looks really...hipster I guess? It just looks like something I would wear on a casual summer day and wouldn't be hard to recreate at all! I give this outfit a 8/10!

So I hope you enjoyed reading this! I am planning on doing this every Friday and I know I have been
sporadically posting but now that finals week is over and I am comfortable in my new schedule at school I will be posting every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!

 Would you guys like if I maybe did a D.I.Y outfits using these pictures next week?
What is your Fashion inspiration of the week?

Stay warm and have a great weekend! Love you, -Ashley