Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mood: Excited

     So after New Years the rest of winter is just boring. But I have always kinda liked January because that is when all of my favorite shows start to come back on TV! I know I know I sound like a loser but c'mon what teenage girl isn't excited for either Teen Wolf of Pretty Little Liars to come back on? Plus, even though January kinda sucks because it's cold we can just be positive here! 
     I actually recently started watching Teen Wolf and that may or may not have spent most of my winter break watching it...but anyways I am now finally caught up and have recently watched the trailer for the rest of season 3 and it looks so great! The trailer and the commercials that I have seen look so intense and to be quite honest pretty creepy as well. It also looks as if there is going to be another girl for Scott?? But trust me if you haven't started watching this show you defiantly want to(all 3 seasons are on on demand at the moment) all of the guys are extremely attractive and there is always something intense happening. Oh, and I am for sure marrying Dylan O'brien. 

    Now for Pretty Little Liars. I have been hooked on this show for so long, I absolutely love it. For starters I love all of their outfits, they all have their own unique style but I love them all (mostly Arias). But I am still so excited to see what happens since Allison is back. It was so crazy that Ezera is  A or part of A? I am not sure but I am really hoping it is his way to protect Aria or a miss understanding or something because I really like Ezera! but he was the guy in the gas mask suit I guess? I am really sad that this kinda might be the last season because what am I supposed to do on Tuesday night? haha