Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Favorites

Beauty: Well I haven't bought anything new in the beauty department this month and I know, bad me! I just didn't have much extra money from after Christmas but if you want to know what make up I have been using lately you can see it in my 2013 favorites blog post! 

Non-Beauty: This month I have been loving making home made macaroons! It's pretty easy and there are a lot of YouTube tutorials about how to make them, which leads me to my next Non-Beauty favorite of the month: My Favorite YouTubers for the month. I have been watching MacBarbie07 & Zoella a lot and everyone definitely needs to check them out! They are also beauty bloggers and they both recently made videos on how to make home made macaroons! These two YouTubers are actually who inspired me to start this blog (Zoella has one http://www.zoella.co.uk/) and maybe I will make YouTube videos in the future? 

Love me again- John Newman
This song has recently been on the radio and it was one of those songs that you just love right away. I remember I was in the car with my friends and the song came on an it this sounds cheesy but it made the moment feel perfect. It was one of those small moments that just make you happy. Like I said cheesy but oh, well! It's a very upbeat fun song that I love listening to all the time. 
Best Day of my Life- American Authors 
This song made my favorites list because every time I hear it it makes me feel really happy. The lyrics are about letting go and having fun and it being the best day of your life! It's good to listen to if you are having kind of a poopy day because it just makes you feel better and it's really catchy!
Bastille- Pompeii 
This song I like because it's catchy but also I feel like the lyrics have meaning to them. I love when he says "how am I gonna be an optimist about this?" because I feel like (me especially) people need to ask themselves that question when faced with things that they might not want to do or don't like or even just ask themselves that about life everyday! I feel like life is a lot better with a positive attitude and I feel like this is kinda what the song is about.  
AM- Arctic Monkeys 
This is an album I have been listening to a lot recently. If you aren't a fan of indie rock music I don't think this album is good for you. They kind of remind me of The Neighbourhood or I should say The Neighbourhood reminds me of them? Anyways it's their newest album and a good album all around and my favorite songs are Do I wanna Know?, Why'd You Only Call Me When Your High?, Knee Socks, R U Mine?, and Snap Out of It.
Infinity on High- Fall Out Boy 
I know, I know, this album came out like 7 years ago but I have just been listening to it a lot this month! If you don't listen to Fall Out Boy something is wrong with you. I am going to see them in July and I am so excited! It will be my first time seeing them live. My favorite songs on this album are Don't You Know Who I Think I am?, This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race, Golden, The Take Over, The Breaks Over, and You're Crashing but You're No Wave. So like all of them haha. This is my second favorite album by them, From Under the Cork Tree being the first.